Castle Cove SC
Entries for series 'MPS Nationals 2018' for class 'MPS Nationals 2018'
Sail number Flags Name Helm Club
001 B Nick Cherry Lymington Town Sailing Club
097 B James Nuttall Datchet Water SC
113 S Ed Wilkinson Datchet Water SC
147 3B Joshua Bell Stokes Bay SC
178 B John Piatt Datchet Water SC
181 BI Troy Christensen Datchet Water SC
186 3B Andrew Stickland Thorpe Bay Yacht Club
202 S Mike Dencher Castle Cove Sailing Club
220 B Tom Whicher Lymington Town Sailing Club
222 BT David Moy Stokes Bay SC
250 S Nigel Dakin Stokes Bay SC
265 B Tom Taylor Grafham Water Sailing Club
282 B Mark Reynell Poole YC
289 S Andy Whittle Blackwater Sailing Club
294 B Gary Stones Lymington Town Sailing Club
302 G Dan Kilsby Stokes Bay SC
304 3B Jamie Southwell Stokes Bay SC
305 B Olivier Vidal Netley Sailing Club
315 G Jason Rickards MSCA
323 S Andrew Wilde Carsington Sailing Club
350 B Brennan Robinson Royal Natal Yacht Club
361 BT Huud Ouwehand WSU De Kreupel
364 GI Andy Rice Stokes Bay SC
372 G Alex Knight Castle Cove Sailing Club
373 BI Tom Gilbert Datchet Water SC
394 SU Nigel Wallbank Lymington Town Sailing Club
410 G Paul Smalley Chew Valley SC
419 IS Richard Smith Wilsonian SC
432 IS Rick Perkins Whitstable Yacht Club
444 G Jamie Hilton Aberdeen and Stonehaven Yacht Club
446 B Erik Boerresen CSF
469 GI Richard Pelley Stokes Bay SC
474 G Alastair Conn Derwent Reservoir Sailing Club
479 IS Yaroslav Petrov Russkoe More Sailing Club
483 SU John Evans Derwent Reservoir Sailing Club
487 B Sean Thijsse Stokes Bay SC
500 IS Tom Conway Derwent Reservoir Sailing Club
516 G Russell Clark Stokes Bay SC
525 G Andy Tarboton Henley Midmar Yacht Club
526 G Jono Shelley Largs Sailing Club
527 G Dan Trotter Derwent Reservoir Sailing Club
534 G Bruce Keen Stokes Bay SC
535 S David Annan Grafham Water Sailing Club
539 G Neil Ashby Wilsonian SC
542 ST Ron Barnes Thorpe Bay Yacht Club
543 BT Stephen Wright Stokes Bay SC
544 G Ben Schooling Stokes Bay SC
545 B Nick Lett Wilsonian SC
547 ST Serega Samus Wilsonian SC
548 G George Hand Stokes Bay SC
557 GI Dan Vincent Stokes Bay SC/RNSA
566 S Michael Sims Carsington Sailing Club
568 G Andrew Peake Wilsonian SC
582 S Paul Molesworth Datchet Water SC
583 S Lee Cullen Arun Yacht Club
584 IS Andrew Gould Stokes Bay SC
The meanings of the selectors used are as flollows:
3: Under 25
B: Bronze
G: Gold
I: Master >45
S: Silver
T: Grand Master >55
U: Legend 60+
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