History of HalSail

Spring 2014 Decision taken to implement the long-standing goal of making a web-based version of HAL's Race Results.
1 Nov 2014 Beta testing began for members of local clubs.
3 Mar 2015 Formal announcement of HalSail to those that use HAL's Race Results.
During 2015 Gradual introduction of new features, including:
  • standard handicap dictionary for PY, NHC and Small Cat Schemes;
  • uploading boats from Excel spreadsheet;
  • cross-tab display of boats and classes;
  • calculation of start times for pursuit races.
  • Amended algorithm for NHC calculations, as per the latest method from the RYA.
  • Analysis of handicap performance and uploading of PY results to the RYA database
  • Start sequence, RORC points system and improved calendar page.
During 2016 Gradual introduction of new features, including:
  • 2016 RYA Portsmouth numbers and Small Cat Scheme handicaps.
  • New version of the input results screen optimised for the small screens found on phones. Click the "Now" button against a sail number as the boat crosses the finish line to insert its time automatically.
  • Upload your results to Hal's Club Results Service so that they remain available on the web even when you have deleted them from HalSail.
  • Show results for most recent day of races in sequence on a large screen. Each set of results is shown for a few seconds, followed by the next in a repeating slide show.
  • Improved Twitter access including ability to send tweets with your own club handle
During 2017 Improvements, including:
  • Made fully compatible with Racing Rules of Sailing 2017 - 2020.
  • 2017 RYA Portsmouth numbers and Small Cat Scheme handicaps.
  • Inclusion of the UFD penalty for being on the course side of the starting line after flag Uniform has been displayed.
  • Allow public access to results to be embargoed, while keeping access for users who are logged in. This can be used to avoid the public seeing results that are not yet complete, or results that have not yet been scrutinised.
  • ORC triple number scoring with different handicaps for low, medium and high wind strengths.
  • Alternative names at the class level for the different types of handicap, e.g. the RYA_PY handicap for a class could be relabelled Club Handicaps.
  • Result status codes DPI and FNE added. A boat with status DPI counts as a finisher and is allocated a number of points that you specify, irrespective of its placing. A boat with status FNE does not count as a finisher and is allocated a number of points that you specify which it is not allowed to discard.
  • Time penalty status codes added. These only apply to handicap results. A boat with status PTA is given a fixed time penalty of a number of seconds you allocate. A boat with status PTP is given a percentage time penalty which you allocate.
  • More facilities added to use selection flags, as allocated to each boat in the Boat Register. Selection flags might be used for such purposes as:
    • G: Gold fleet member
    • S: Silver fleet member
    • L: Helmed by a lady
    You can filter boats in results and entry lists by selection flag. The meaning of each single-character flag can be allocated using a tool in the Boat Register.
3 January 2018
  • ECHO handicaps updated automatically after each race using the "blend" of old and new handicap specified for the particular series.
  • The user who input or edited each result is recorded, so that when you edit a result you can see who last updated it.
  • POST js reload bug cured when inputting RO name and weather and on adding a boat to a set of results.
  • New series in Schedule menu changed to a popup modal to choose the class, rather than a full page.
15 January 2018
  • Australian Sailing Yardsticks (ex VYC) standard handicaps incorporated.
6 February 2018
  • Better means of changing race start times and editing finish times on a phone.
15 March 2018
  • 2018 RYA Portsmouth numbers and Small Cat Scheme handicaps incorporated.
  • Better display of corrected time on results viewed on a phone when ALR is not in use.
  • Bug fix when altering the start time on the first race of a new series.
3 April 2018
  • Events added
  • Several improvements to the way handicaps are edited in the CrossTab table.
16 May 2018
  • Bug affecting handicap analysis of tandem series corrected.
25 June 2018
  • Bug affecting download of .hrrx file that includes events corrected.
  • Default email switched to HalSailDotCom@Gmail.com with Oauth2 integration to the Google API
  • Individual races in a series can be given names, in addition to being Race 1, Race 2 and so on.
14 July 2018
  • Improvements to way results are displayed on tablets and phones.
30 July 2018
  • Cure bug that caused new club registrants to go to the wrong page when confirming their account.
  • Use SignalR to send progress updates for file load and save operations.
  • Email a one-time token before allowing any user to delete all club data, or overwrite it with a file upload, or load demo data.
  • Can add a race note when choosing races on phones, except for the smallest screens.
  • Use a plain gif for any class flag whose image is not in the system.
5 September 2018
  • Start to use Visual Studio 2017.
  • Improvements to the page used to pre-select boats when inputting results on the committee boat or at the start line using a phone:
    • The number of competitors appears at the top and bottom, so that you can see immediately how many boats should be there.
    • More details are given of each boat, so that you can be sure you have the correct one.
  • Event pages simplified and made more intuitive.
  • Simplified general club results public link to /Result/Club/1234 in addition to /Result/PublicByClub/1234
  • When sending multiple emails, they go out as bcc copies rather than individual emails to each recipient.
  • Sailing secretaries can now compose and send an email to all the boats in one or more racing classes, or an event.
  • The help popover links now react to a click on tablet devices as well as popping up when you touch them with the mouse on other devices.
2 October 2018
  • Cured bug that prevented Twitter tweets from going out and upped the max length to 280 characters. Added the ability to add bespoke # tags.
18 October 2018
  • Cured bug that reset min wind speed wrongly when filling in the details of a race.
5 November 2018
  • Display latest results (File menu) launches a sequence of web pages showing all the races for a particular club on the last day of racing. It is designed for displaying on a large screen for public view. It now includes races that have no results yet, so that results will appear as soon as they are entered.
  • Altered the way public results fit into a frame on another web site. The results now fill the frame more completely than they did before.
10 December 2018
  • Procedure to archive results updated and made more intuitive. It is now more difficult to choose the wrong archive and thus over-write existing archived results by mistake.
  • Adjusted the procedure for uploading results to the RYA PY Online database to allow for its change to use a secure connection (https).