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How do I upload my data to the Hal archive server?

The Hal archive server is a place on the web where you can send your results from HalSail when they are of historical interest only. People can see them on the archive server, but you cannot change them, nor can you retrieve them from the archive server back into HalSail.

If you want to keep a snapshot of what is in your HalSail account in a form that can be used to restore the account,  you need to make a Hal file.

A common use of the archive server is to allow you to  spring clean your data at the beginning of each season after archiving your results from the previous season. That lets you remove any boats that are no longer relevant and set up a new schedule of races.

The archive server is accessible from the Admin menu.

  • If you have archived results before, HalSail will automatically connect you to your account on the archive server.
  • If you have not archived results from HalSail before, but have been using the Windows version of Hal, you may already have an archive account (previously known as the Club Results Service). You will be given the option of continuing to use that account if you know its login and password.
  • If you have never used the archive before, or cannot remember the old account login, HalSail will automatically set up a new account for you.
You can store 20 separate sets of results on the archive server. So if you archive results at the end of each year you will have the last 20 years of results available to view.

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